A movie directed by Christian Wagner

Germany 2001 88 min 35 mm Dolby Stereo SR
A TV60Film production
for Bayerischer Rundfunk in collaboration with ARTE

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..."ghettokids" sports an air of truth. It’s engrossing and well-crafted, with international tube/tape sales likely to be strong: polished, niceley paced production. Ethnic/class isolation and prejudice are credibly depicted, sans excess pathos... Well-tooled on all levels.“
Dennis Harvey, VARIETY 30/09/2002

 “Ghettokids is based on the lives of several teenagers. It is a hard story told without pulling punches. I tried for years to find the right actors, to get to know them and to get them to participate in the film. What I hate most about Munich is that behind the glittering façade there are children whose future is not so bright. Central Station is the place where kids go to commit their petty crimes from a very early age. Given that they are juveniles, less than 14 years of age, they cannot go to prison if they are caught. […] But their childhood has been stolen from them, leaving nothing they can hold onto to stop themselves being swept away.”
Christian Wagner, Director

CAST Christos Chassanoglou Ioannis Tsialas Maikis Chassanoglou Toni Osmani Hanna Solinger Barbara Rudnik Xaver Friedmann Günther Maria Halmer Erna Solinger Renate Becker Kathi Solinger Julia Dietze Benny Solinger Marian Lösch Alena Chassanoglou Nezâ Selbuz Alex Chassanoglou Mehdi Moinzadeh Ringo Fatih Sahanoglou Orcun Onur Balta Sweety Xhafer Berisha Zombo Besnik Osmani Marvan Rassim Sefer Oglou IQ Alexander Adler King Aloun Phetnoi

TEAM Director Christian Wagner ScreenwriterDr. Gabriela Sperl Cinematographer Jürgen Jürges Assistant Director Doris Wedemeier Production ManagerHeike Käbisch Editor Patricia Rommel Sound Marc Parisotto Composer Fabian Römer Production Designer Su Proebster Costume Designer Nicole Schlier Makeup Artist Sonali Chaterjee, Silvia Barthelmes Casting Lore Blössl, Heike Ulrich Comissioning Editor Stephanie Heckner BR, Patricia Seutin-Bardou ARTE Executive Producer Dieter Graber, Harald Wigankow Producer Bernd Burgemeister





Giffoni Filmfestival 2003
Premio Associazione Nazionale Esercenti Cinema