wallers last trip    


Germany 1988/89 35 mm colour and b/w 100 min
Distribution Germany: ARSENAL
Distribution worldwide: WAGNERFILM
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"The film is a great epic of impressive formal craftsmanship"  Die Zeit

"The quiet debut of Christian Wagner, a young filmmaker from the Allgäu, proved to be an even greater success and an even greater surprise... It is a film full of epic intensity an narrative density, qualities not seen in cinema in a long time."   Frankfurter Rundschau

"Director Christian Wagner manages to transform the universe of human memories, the memories of an old railway track inspector, into cinematographic images of original enchanting beauty..."
Abendzeitung München

CAST Waller (old) Rolf Illig Angelika Haindl Crescentia Dünßer Waller (young) Herbert Knaup Rosina Sibylle Canonica Schönfärber Thilo Prückner Karg Volker Prechtel Nonne Irm Hermann Stumpf Franz Böhm

TEAM Executive ProducerThomas Wommer Production Manager Jürgen Tröster Costume Designer Sabine Atzberge Production Designer Myriande Heller Sound Benedikt Röskau Assistant Director Holger Barthel Sound MixerManfred Arbter Editor Norbert Herzner Composer Florian E. Müller Cinematographer Thomas Mauch Screenwriter, Director, Producer Christian Wagner

"Rarely has a film succeded in reflecting changes, the past and the present in form so full of feeling and yet so utterly unsentimental."  Die Welt

"The most stylistically pronounced an convincing film of the year, both in form and content"
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung